Translations (i18n)

Translation namespaces

Default namespace is called common and contains translations used on all pages (Layout, Nav, etc) and is stored at frontend/public/locales/{locale}/common.json

Namespaces (scopes, domains) are stored in separate json files at frontend/public/locales/{locale}/{namespace}.json One namespace can combine the translations keys from several pages with common reusable strings ex. auth scope collects keys for login and register pages.

Translation keys

It is preferred to use kebab-case for translation keys and extract another level of nesting when the common prefix of the keys is above 3 or makes sense to be separated as new keys might be added in the future.

  • Namespace is separated with :

  • Translation nesting levels are separated with .

  • Words in a translation key are separated with -


  "cta": {
    "login": "Log In",
    "register": "Register",
    "send": "Send",
    "reset": "Reset"
  "fields": {
    "email": "Email",
    "password": "Password",
    "confirm-password": "Confirm Password",
    "first-name": "First name",
    "last-name": "Last name"
  "pages": {
    "forgotten-password": {
      "instructions": "To reset your password, please type your email address below.",
      "greeting": "Hello {{name}}!"

Usage in React

Usage of translation hook useTranslation is preferred over usage of <Trans /> component, whenever possible.

Usage in components

import { useTranslation } from 'next-i18next'

export default function CustomComponent() {
  const { t } = uxseTranslation()

  return (
      <h2>{t('auth:pages.forgotten-password.greeting', { name: 'Interpolation' })}</h2>

SSR preloading i18n in pages

import { GetStaticProps } from 'next'
import { serverSideTranslations } from 'next-i18next/serverSideTranslations'

import Page from 'components/forgottenPassword/ForgottenPasswordPage'

export const getStaticProps: GetStaticProps = async ({ locale }) => ({
  props: {
    ...(await serverSideTranslations(locale ?? 'bg', ['common', 'auth'])), // List used namespaces

export default Page

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