Voluntarily and pro-bono We create a donation platform for the benefit of those in need and the organizations that help them, without seeking financial or other benefits from it, except for the satisfaction of the completed campaigns and supported people in need.

Proactivity Adequate display of free will, proper choice, and performance of tasks without anyone creating and setting them.

Transparency Our donors trust us because we provide transparency through open-source, open data/transactions, and open solutions. Those in need trust us because we make the application process fair, easy, and transparent, through clear criteria. Our community trusts us because everything is transparent, including our working process. We trust each other because there are clear and transparent principles of work among us.

Respect We are careful and well-intentioned towards the people around us, we respect them and help them if we can. Everyone's opinion matters.

Expertise When we make a choice or make difficult decisions, we base them on the opinion of experts with close experience in the specific topic.

Confidentiality We respect and protect the personal data of every person in need, donor or helper in the process, as if they were our own. We clearly define who has access rights to production data, with the people developing the project not having access to personal data.

Awareness We seek the best solution and when we donate our work, we do it with the full awareness that not everything we do will be used. If it happens that the plan or proposal is not approved, you continue with a smile towards the next task. If someone else performs better in your role, you wholeheartedly recommend them to take the lead, and you help them in any way you can.

Sharing knowledge If a participant in the project needs help/clarification, you share a link to an article in the project documentation. If there isn't one, you write your answer there, instead of privately, so that your knowledge can be used by others in the future. People with less experience get involved and absorb knowledge from more experienced ones.

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